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Meaningful to Behold is a highly acclaimed commentary to the great Indian Buddhist Master Shantideva’s famous spiritual poem Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, one of the best loved and most important Mahayana Buddhist texts. It reveals with poetic beauty and deep spiritual insight how to enter, make progress on, and complete the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Many people have the compassionate wish to benefit others, but few understand how to accomplish this successfully in daily life. Bodhisattvas are friends of the world who have such strong compassion that they are able to transform all their daily activities into ways of benefiting others. The path of the Bodhisattva was exquisitely explained in the universally loved poem Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life by the 8th century master Shantideva. With this commentary, the full effectiveness and profundity of this wonderful poem are revealed in full and made applicable for our time. This practical handbook is essential for those wishing to follow a way of life characterised by greater empathy and compassion for others.

More Information
Subtitle Becoming a Friend of the World
Edition History

First published by Wisdom Publications 1980 

2nd edition 1986 

3rd edition 1989 

4th edition 1994 

Reprinted 1998, 2003 

5th edition 2007 

Reprinted 2010, 2012

6th edition 2016

Reprinted 2019, 2022  



608 pages includes 14 line illustrations

First published in 1980 by Wisdom Publications
Second edition reset and revised 1986
Third edition 1989, Fourth edition 1994 Reprinted 1998, 2003.
Fifth edition reset and revised 2007
Reprinted 2010, 2012
Sixth edition reset 2016
Digital edition 2017

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