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Translations of Advice from Atisha's Heart and Je Tsongkhapa's The Three Principal Aspects of the Path that convey the essence of Kadampa Buddhism.

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Two key texts that convey the essential practices of Kadampa Buddhism. The first, Advice from Atisha's Heart, is a guide for a healthy positive life, which encapsulates the way of life of the early Kadampa Geshes, famous for the purity and sincerity of their spiritual practice. The second, Je Tsongkhapa's The Three Principal Aspects of the Path, is a profound guide to meditation on the stages of the path, Lamrim. By sincerely practising Atisha's advice in our daily life, and striving constantly in Lamrim meditation, we can develop a pure and happy mind and gradually progress towards the ultimate peace of full enlightenment.

Información adicional

Información adicional

Subtitle The essential practice of Kadam Lamrim.
ISBN / EAN 5065000453435
Tharpa Internal Code (Catalog Code) SKWL
Datos del producto: 12 pages, 21 x 14.8cm, includes 8 colour images


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