Avalokiteshvara Sadhana - Booklet

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A special method for meditating on Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion, through which we can develop our compassion and awaken our Buddha nature.

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Avalokiteshvara is an enlightened being who is a manifestation of all Buddhas' compassion. By relying sincerely upon Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion, and reciting his mantra with strong faith, temporarily we will improve our realizations of all the stages of the path, especially our realization of great compassion, and ultimately we will attain supreme Buddhahood in Avalokiteshvara's Pure Land. This prayer booklet focusses on the Four-armed aspect of Avalokiteshvara. It is very blessed; the main body was composed by the great Tibetan Yogi Drubchen Tangtong Gyalpo, with additional prayers added by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

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Información adicional

Subtitle Prayers and requests to the Buddha of Compassion
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