Vajrapani Plaque - GOLD colour

Vajrapani Plaque - GOLD colour

Stupa 30mm

Stupa 30mm

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A representation of Buddha’s mind. Traditionally on a shrine, in the centre is a representation of Buddha symbolizing the body of Buddha, to its right is a text symbolizing the speech of Buddha, and to its left is a stupa symbolizing the mind of Buddha.
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Stupa 30mm

SKU: 5055278116675

  • Catalog Code: RIT-STU675

Stupa 50mm

SKU: 5055278116682

  • Catalog Code: RIT-STU682

Stupa 75mm - Filled with Mantras

SKU: 5055278116699

  • Catalog Code: RIT-STU699

Stupa 90mm - Filled with Mantras

SKU: 5055278116705

  • Catalog Code: RIT-STU705

Stupa 110mm - Filled with Mantras

SKU: 5055278118129

  • Catalog Code: RIT-STU129

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