Tharpa Accounts for Kadampa Meditation Centres

Are you a Kadampa Meditation Centre or Trade Customer looking to purchase Tharpa items?

Create an account on to manage your orders. Here are some of the benefits:

See your discounted prices in the checkout.
Add items to your cart and save for later if you need to get authorization for purchases.
Review details of previous orders.
Order now, pay later.

How do I set up a Centre Account to get our discount?

First check whether your organisation already has a Tharpa account. If not...

  • Click on 'Create an Account' at the top of the page.
  • Enter your Centre Name as the account name.
    For example, for Heruka Buddhist Centre you would enter:
    First Name: Heruka
    Surname: Kadampa Meditation Centre
    If you have already set up an account but used the wrong name, you can correct this by logging into your account and updating your profile.
  • Enter a valid Centre email address.
    This includes addresses such as those ending in or
    Addresses ending in .org or are fine. EG: is acceptable
    If the bookshop manager does not have a centre email address, why not create one on your centre's domain?
  • Create a password and click 'Submit'.
  • When you receive your confirmation email, click on the link to confirm your email address and activate your account. If you want to be able to view your discounted prices when shopping, make sure you complete the final step below...
  • Reply to the confirmation email with the words 'Please upgrade my account'
  • When we receive your email we will then upgrade your account and send you a confirmation email. When you next sign in with your account details, prices will be displayed according to your discount rate.

After your account has been upgraded, if you still don't see your discounted prices try logging out, freshing the page and then logging back in again. Any items that you had in your cart should now reflect the discounted prices.

Items not Included in your Centre discount

Please note that the following items do not qualify for Centre discounts and will be charged at the full price:

Canvas Prints
Extra Large Art Prints
Downloadable Products

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