Everything explained within Tharpa books is relevant to our daily experiences, and shows us how to be a happier person … a calmer person … a better person – whatever we want to be.

Click below to read a few of our readers’ stories about how one of our books affected their life.

Fernanda"s book - How to Transform Your Life

Fernanda - Brazil

How to Transform Your Life

“We have many questions about life. This book showed me that all the answers are inside my mind.”

Sophie"s book - How to Solve Our Human Problems

Sophie - France

How to Solve our Human Problems

“This book changed my life because it helped me to take my suffering and make it useful.”

Israel"s book - The New Heart of Wisdom

Israel - Australia

The New Heart of Wisdom

“My day at work feels lighter and there’s so much more space in my mind.”

James"s book - Universal Compassion

James - UK

Universal Compassion

“Most of all I love the inner wealth and the joy that compassion brings.”

Granville"s book - Ocean of Nectar

Granville - UK

Ocean of Nectar

“I am just more relaxed than I used to be and I feel more confident about things.”

Fontaine"s book - How to Understand the Mind

Fontaine - Hong Kong

How to Understand the Mind

““Now I can understand my negative states of mind as they arise and through this alone they lose their power.”

Martin"s book - The New Eight Steps to Happiness

Martin - Czech Republic

The New Eight Steps to Happiness

“The book helped me to be able to visualize how wonderful the world could be if we behaved kindly towards each other.”

Nathalie"s book - The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

Nathalie - UK

The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra

“Each time I read it I get something different; there seems to be multiple levels.”

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