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I pray that everyone who reads this book may experience deep inner peace, or peace of mind, and accomplish the real meaning of human life. I particularly would like to encourage everyone to read specifically the chapter Training in Ultimate Bodhichitta. Through carefully reading and contemplating this chapter again and again with a positive mind, you will gain very profound knowledge, or wisdom, which will bring great meaning to your life.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Introduction and Encouragement

This ebook Modern Buddhism – The Path of Compassion and Wisdom, in three volumes, is being distributed freely at the request of the author Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. The author says: 'Through reading and practising the instructions given in this book, people can solve their daily problems and maintain a happy mind all the time.' So that these benefits can pervade the whole world, Geshe Kelsang wishes to give this ebook freely to everyone.

We would like to request you to please respect this precious Dharma book, which functions to free living beings from suffering permanently. If you continually read and practise the advice in this book, eventually your problems caused by anger, attachment and ignorance will cease.

Please enjoy this special gift from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who dedicates: "May everyone who reads this book experience deep peace of mind, and accomplish the real meaning of human life."


Manuel Rivero-De Martine
Tharpa Publications, UK Tharpa Director



Volume One


Explains how to practise basic Buddhist compassion and wisdom in daily life.


Volume Two


How to practise Buddha’s profound Tantric teachings – the quick path to enlightenment.


Volume Three

Prayers for Daily Practice

Presents a collection of prayers for our daily practice of Sutra and Tantra.

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A Spiritual Path
for Modern People

Modern Buddhism is perfectly suited for inspiring those seeking solutions within Buddhism to problems of everyday life, as well as for encouraging practitioners of all faiths to deepen their understanding and practice of the spiritual path.

This book reveals how to build a foundation for the spiritual path, how to progress on that path and how to complete it. With compassion and wisdom we can solve all our daily problems and accomplish the real meaning of our human life; like two wings of a bird they will enable us to reach enlightenment quickly.

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