Modern Buddhism Events

General Program Drop-in Classes

Including practical advice and guided meditations, this accessible weekly program of drop-in classes gives real insight into how Buddhist solutions can be applied in daily life.

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Courses and Retreats

Courses are held at meditation Centers around the world where people can learn to cultivate the awareness and skills to solve their problems and develop the qualities needed to bring about a peaceful world.

Retreats provide all the conditions necessary to step out of your busy daily routine and deepen your experience of meditation through structured retreats.

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Public Talks

Public talk events on modern Buddhism are held at venues around the world. These are the perfect opportunity to gain an insight into Buddhism's relevance and practical application in modern daily life. Public talks usually consist of a talk, guided meditations, refreshments and an opportunity to browse the Tharpa bookstore.


National and International Festivals

Welcoming people from around the world, these inspiring events offer perfect conditions for deepening your experience of wisdom and compassion through attending teachings, guided meditations and retreats. They are also an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded people from many different cultures and share spiritual experience.

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