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Do you want to be happy all of the time?

We all do. Fortunately, as much of our stress and problems come from our mind, the answer is simple: Develop a peaceful mind and we will be happy. How? By developing a daily meditation practice. Tharpa offers simple guided meditations available as Audio downloads and CDs.

Easy to Get Started

Start meditating today with our clear meditation guides. Our meditations can be practised by anyone. They are guided by a qualified meditator and are designed to help you to relax, develop clarity of mind and increase your love and compassion for others.

Start right now with this sample meditation

Which one will you try first?

All these essential guides are available to buy online in multiple formats or simply download today.

Meditations for Relaxation - Guided audio meditation

Meditations for Relaxation:
To Relax Body
and Mind

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Meditations for a Clear Mind - Finding Happiness from a Different Source.

Meditations for a Clear Mind:
Finding Happiness from a
Different Source

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Meditations for a Kind Heart - The Healing Power of Cherishing Others

Meditations for a Kind Heart:
The Healing Power of
Cherishing Others

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The Benefits of Meditation

  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • A tried and tested tool that makes your mind peaceful and happy, whatever is happening in the outside world.
  • Takes as little as 10-15 minutes a day.
  • Available any time and any place.
  • Guaranteed to change your life.

Share the peace

People will soon notice a new, calmer, happier you.

They will ask you what has changed in your life. Tell them the answer: meditation, through which they can also find happiness.

Listen to the Living Meditating Series

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