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What is a tag?


A tag is a keyword or label that you or another customer applies to an item. You can use tags to help you find items on You can also use them as a way of classifying and remembering products so that you can find them easily later.


You can use tags to:

  • Find other items with similar characteristics
  • Organize items in a way that suits you
  • Remember items that you wish to come back and purchase later

Remember that tags are public so other people can view them. The tags you add can help other customers find products they may be interested in.


Where can I view my tagged items?

Click on "My Account" at the top of the site. Then click "My Tags" in the left column. Click on one of your tags to see the products you have tagged with it. If you wish to remove a tag from a product, simply click the "x" by the relevant products you wish to remove from the list.


You should not use the following tags:

  • Tags that are inciting or spiteful or use profane/obscene language
  • Tags that might be considered as harassing, abusive, or threaten
  • Tags that promote illegal or immoral conduct
  • Tags that are not inaccordance with the Tharpa terms and conditions of use and sale
  • We recommend that you do not use tags which might reveal personal information such as you phone number or email address

If you want to report any violations of these Guidelines, please e-mail us.

Tags that are not inaccordance with these guidelines will be removed.