The Mirror of Dharma with Additions - PAPERBACK

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This inspiring book reveals essential methods for developing universal love and compassion, the source of true happiness for both self and others.

An in-depth and practical explanation of one of Buddhism's best-loved teachings, Eight Verses of Training the Mind, by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva, Langri Tangpa. Clear methods are simply presented for transforming all life's difficulties into valuable spiritual insights, for improving our relationships, and for bringing greater patience, empathy and compassion into our daily life. For centuries, these methods have brought lasting peace, inspiration and serenity to countless people in the East. Now, with this book, Geshe Kelsang shares the immeasurably rich insight of this ancient wisdom to help us find greater happiness and meaning in our busy, modern lives.

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Subtitle How to find the real meaning of human life
ISBN / EAN 9781913105006
Catalog Code B006
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Printed 2019

352 pages includes 16 illustrations