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'Inner Peace' Guided Meditation

'Inner Peace' is the first of 3 meditations on the audio CD/MP3, Meditations for Relaxation, part of the Living Meditations Series.

A basic breathing meditation, 'Inner Peace' helps to disengage the mind from the busyness of everyday life and create a special feeling of inner peace.

Here is an audio sample of the meditation and below this you will find the entire set of 9 meditations in the Living Meditation Series. The series is divided into 3 CD/MP3, with each set of 3 meditations CDs/MP3s accompanied by a 16 page booklet with information on techniques to help you improve your meditation.



The 'Living Meditation Series'

Available as CD or MP3 download

This guided meditation series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation and is suitable for complete beginners and more experienced meditators.

Meditations for Everyday Life


Learn meditations to:

  • Relax body and mind; Meditations for Relaxation
  • Achieve inner peace and mental clarity; Meditations for a Clear Mind
  • Develop a kind and patient attitude; Meditations for a Kind Heart
The Meditations for Everyday Life box set includes all of the above.

Each set includes:

  • 3 Guided meditations led by an experienced meditator
    (9 meditations in total)
  • 16 page booklet with techniques on how to improve your meditation
  • Available as mail-order CDs or downloadable MP3s

I find this CD really helpful after a tiring day's work.
Kim from Liverpool

I found it an excellent first step. Easy to follow and informative.
Paul from Hull