The Wheel of Life - DVD (PAL standard)

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Presenting the entire path to liberation in a way that makes it come alive and immediate to our experience the Wheel of Life expresses the essence of Buddha's teachings, inspiring us to engage wholeheartedly in a spiritual life.

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Englischsprachiger Film mit deutschen Untertiteln

‘The final result of watching this play is that we will develop and maintain the strong determination to liberate ourself and others permanently from the sufferings of this life and countless future lives-this is its purpose. It is a wonderful play of holy Dharma.’ – Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Performed during the NKT International Festival in Paris, November 2008, this play tells the story of the life of King Bimbisara, a friend and contemporary of Buddha Shakyamuni.


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Subtitle Nein
ISBN / EAN 5055278102265
Tharpa Internal Code (Catalog Code) DVD-WOL
Einzelheiten 1 DVD, total duration 2 hrs 2 mins


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