Sharing the wisdom of Dharma

Your Tharpa book could be someone else’s path to freedom, they just haven’t found it yet. You can help them...

The information below explains a few ways in which you can help other people find Tharpa books and experience the joy and freedom that comes from understanding their own mind, realizing their potential and transforming their lives.

Most ways take just a few clicks, a few minutes and, most of all, a pure motivation.

Did you know?

As well as the main Tharpa Facebook page with regular Dharma quotes and beautiful images, there is also a Facebook page for each of 23 Tharpa books? You can find links to all of the book pages here. When you click the ‘Like’ button at the top of each book page you will receive inspiring Dharma quotes and updates in your newsfeed... which you can then share with others!


Sharing is greater than Liking

Liking a Facebook post on the main Tharpa page or on book pages shows your response to a post.

Sharing a post or page opens a door to others. Would you like to open a door for others to meet Dharma wisdom? Every time you click to share a post from a Tharpa Facebook page you are showing great kindness to others. [insert link to how to share a facebook post or page]


Follow, Like, Retweet

Did you know you can follow Tharpa UK on Twitter? Would you like to help others connect with Dharma through Twitter? When you click Like you are showing your response to a tweet. [insert link how to like a tweet]

With one more click you can retweet the tweet and through your kindness others will receive wisdom.[insert link how to retweet a tweet]


Review and inspire

Has your life been transformed by reading a Tharpa book? This could happen for other people if only they knew of the book. You can help them discover the same book by writing a short review. People are searching for meaning and your review could be the signpost that takes them in a life changing direction.

Just a few words could transform someone’s life.

  • Choose any book you have read or studied.
  • Visit the page for that book on
  • Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab by the product description and sign in to leave a short review.


A precious gift that could change lives

Life changing conversations can happen unexpectedly, so how much more meaningful when you can give a beneficial reminder.

Modern Buddhism is available as a free download so by always carrying a few eModern Buddhism Cards in your purse or wallet you can give a priceless opportunity to others. Request these for free from your local Kadampa Centre or order them freely with your next Tharpa order. Just add them to your basket.


Everything Tharpa… in one book!

Share Tharpa Publications with a friend. The Tharpa catalogue includes so much more than a list of books! By giving a copy of the Tharpa Catalogue you are sharing not only Tharpa, but the New Kadampa Tradition, its centres and study programmes, Buddhist teachings and benefits for our modern world. If you haven’t read a copy of the latest catalogue, request a copy with your next Tharpa order.

Thank you for your kindness in sharing Buddha’s wisdom to benefit others.


Benefit others by turning the Wheel of Dharma

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