Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's books are acclaimed for their unparalleled clarity and practicality; perfectly conveying the essence of Buddha's instructions. His 23 inspirational books offer practical methods for learning and developing meditation practices and are especially suited for modern day people with busy lives.

These books are available in multiple formats.
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  1. Introduction to Buddhism
    A clear and inspiring explanation of key Buddhist principles. Learn More
  2. Mahamudra Tantra
    A clear and simple manual for practising Mahamudra Tantra – the quick and profound method for uncovering the deepest levels of peace and happiness within our own mind. Learn More
  3. The Bodhisattva Vow
    Guidelines on how to live a more compassionate way of life by becoming a Bodhisattva, which leads to ultimate happiness for ourselves and others. Learn More
  4. The New Guide to Dakini Land

    This comprehensive guide provides a detailed and practical explanation of the two stages of Vajrayogini practice - generation stage and completion stage - and shows how we can integrate these practices into our daily life, thereby transforming every moment of our life into the path to enlightenment. It is a unique guide to becoming a Tantric enlightened being in the modern world.

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  5. The New Heart of Wisdom - Books are IN STOCK- please write to order directly
    By revealing the profound meaning of the very heart of Buddha’s teachings – the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras – this book shows how we can attain pure, lasting happiness through developing special wisdom and universal compassion. Learn More
  6. The New Meditation Handbook
    An explanation of twenty-one essential Buddhist meditations that guide us step-by-step towards enlightenment. Learn More
  7. Universal Compassion
    Practical instructions showing how to transform even the most difficult daily life experiences into opportunities for spiritual growth through developing and enhancing minds of universal love and compassion. Learn More
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