Prayers for the Dying & Deceased - AUDIO CD

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An audio recording of special methods for leading ourself and others to the Pure Land of a Buddha.
An audio recording of four Buddhist practices to help both ourself and others attain rebirth in the Pure Land of a Buddha. The first two, Powa Ceremony and Path of Compassion for the Deceased are practices of transference of consciousness, known as ‘powa’ – powerful methods for transferring the consciousnesses of those who have recently died to the Pure Land of a Buddha. The third, Heartfelt Prayers, is a simple funeral service designed for cremations and burials (this CD version includes just the chanted prayers, not any of the spoken words guided by the officiant), and the fourth practice, Pathway to the Pure Land, is a special method for training our own mind in powa. Short pauses have been included in the prayers, which indicate where, if you wish, you can pause the CD for meditation or mantra recitation.
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Subtitle Includes Powa Ceremony & Pathway to the Pure Land
ISBN / EAN 5065000918033

2 CDs, total duration 97 mins

This recording includes the following prayers:

Powa Ceremony,

Path of Compassion for the Deceased,

Heartfelt Prayers

Pathway to the Pure Land