Meditation for Beginners

Here we have prepared a selection of Tharpa items that are perfectly suited for those who wish to learn about meditation and its practical application in daily life.

Living Meditation Series

I find this CD really helpful after a tiring day's work

Kim from Liverpool

This meditation series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation and is suitable for complete beginners.

Learn meditations to

  • Relax body and mind
  • Achieve inner peace and mental clarity
  • Develop a kind and patient attitude towards others

Each CD consists of three guided meditations led by an experienced meditator and is accompanied by an explanatory booklet with techniques on how to improve meditation. The three CDs are also available as the box set, Meditations for Everyday Life.

Books to begin with

New meditation handbook

...will help anyone learn the basics of this life-changing art.


How to solve our human problems

An excellent book, extremely helpful, gives insight as to how we should react to difficult situations.


Modern buddhism

The publishing of this book is a unique event, as such a clear and concise presentation of Buddha's teachings, suited to the modern day practitioner with a busy life, has never existed before. As such, I highly recommend it.

Amazon Reviewer

Introduction to buddhism

A brilliantly clear and concise introduction to this vast subject. Very highly recommended.

Yoga & Health magazine

Mahamudra tantra

If you are serious about engaging in these meditations, a better book would be hard to find.

Amazon Reviewer

Transform your life

...a practical guide to transforming one’s life by understanding the nature of love

Library Journal

We’ve assembled a collection of Geshe Kelsang’s best selling introductory books, which reveal how all aspects of Buddhism can be applied practically to solve our daily problems and experience deep inner peace and happiness.

These titles are available as audio books in CD and downloadable MP3 format as well as the standard hardback and paperback format.

Transform Your Life - Listen to a sample

Transform Your Life - Listen to a sample

Great for beginners

Living Meditation, Part of Tharpa Publications

Living Meditation Series
Guided audio meditations
on CD and MP3

Meditation for relaxation Meditation for a kind heart Meditations for everyday life

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Practical Solutions

Learn how to meditate and find practical solutions to daily problems.

Find your nearest meditation class

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