The New Meditation Handbook

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An explanation of twenty-one essential Buddhist meditations that guide us step-by-step towards enlightenment.

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This popular and practical best-selling manual allows us to discover for ourselves the inner peace and lightness of mind that come from meditation. After introducing meditation – its benefits and how to begin and maintain a meditation practice – the different types of Buddhist meditation are explained clearly, showing how we can make our human life meaningful, find release from all suffering and develop minds of true love and compassion. By practising these meditations, which together form the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment, we can experience increasingly peaceful and more beneficial states of mind, transform our daily lives, fulfil our spiritual potential, and find lasting happiness. For those interested in Buddhist meditation this book is a perfect guide and companion.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Subtitle Meditations to make our life happy and meaningful
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