Songs of Good Fortune - Audio

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An audio recording of short and middling length preparatory prayers for meditation, and the purification practice, The Bodhisattva's Confession of Moral Downfalls.

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Songs of Good Fortune - CD 15,95 $


Songs of Good Fortune - MP3 9,95 $
Essence of Good Fortune - Booklet 6,00 $


Prayers for Meditation - Booklet 6,00 $
The Bodhisattva's Confession of Moral Downfalls - Booklet 6,00 $
Prayers for Meditation - eBooklet (epub) 1,95 $
Prayers for Meditation - eBooklet and MP3 Bundle 8,95 $

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An audio recording of three practices. Essence of Good Fortune and Prayers for Meditation are sadhanas – ritual prayers for spiritual attainments – of Buddha Shakyamuni. By engaging sincerely in these methods we can accumulate merit, purify negativity and receive blessings, essential preparations for successful meditation on the stages of the path to enlightenment. The Bodhisattva's Confession of Moral Downfalls is a powerful method for purifying our negative karma, combining three spiritual practices – prostration, confession and dedication – in conjunction with recitation of the Mahayana Sutra of the Three Superior Heaps. Short pauses have been included in the prayers which indicate where, if you wish, you can pause the CD for meditation or mantra recitation.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Subtitle Buddhist prayers for a pure and happy life
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