Guide to Dakini Land

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A complete explanation of the Tantric practice of Vajrayogini, the female Buddha of blissful wisdom.

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Guide to Dakini Land is a practical manual for those seeking a swift and blissful path to full enlightenment. It provides detailed instructions on the eleven yogas of generation stage, which are special methods for transforming all our daily activities into a blissful spiritual path, as well as the essential completion stage meditations that lead to full enlightenment. Included are all the sadhanas of Vajrayogini, advice on how to do a Tantric retreat, and a wealth of additional material that will be indispensable to anyone wishing to rely upon Buddha Vajrayogini.

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Subtitle The Highest Yoga Tantra Practice of Buddha Vajrayogini
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