Clear Light of Bliss (3rd Edition)

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An in-depth exploration of profound Tantric methods for generating a deeply peaceful mind by harnessing our body’s subtle energies.

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Clear Light of Bliss (3rd Edition) - Paperback 19,95 $
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Clear Light of Bliss (3rd Edition) - eBook EPUB format 13,95 $
Clear Light of Bliss (3rd Edition) - eBook Kindle format 13,95 $

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Within all of us lies a source of infinite bliss, clarity of wisdom, and compassion for others. In this unique and highly praised book, based on Buddha’s Tantric teachings, the contemporary Buddhist Master, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, presents authentic methods for discovering this inner wealth for ourselves. In a clear and precise way, he explains step-by-step how we can generate a deeply peaceful and concentrated mind by harnessing the subtle energy system within our body. With this blissful awareness we can uncover our true nature, destroy ignorance and suffering at its root, and swiftly become a source of inspiration and benefit for others. Clear Light of Bliss is a manual for Tantric meditation that reveals the most profound secrets of the ancient Yogis and makes their blissful experience accessible to the modern world.
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Informations supplémentaires

Subtitle Tantric Meditation Manual
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