Find Your Local Meditation Centre

Through the kindness of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, over 1200 Kadampa Buddhist Centres and groups have developed in 40 countries throughout the world. All of these centres offer courses and highly popular meditation programmes based on the books which you will find on this website.

Online Streaming

During the COVID-19 epidemic most Kadampa Meditation Centres continue to offer meditation classes and courses to their local areas via online streaming. Use the search facility below to connect with your local Kadampa Meditation Centre.

At the main Centres, the following regular activities are available to everyone who wishes to take part:

  • Weekly classes for all levels
  • Weekend courses, both introductory and Buddhist
  • Meditation retreats, for beginners and more experienced meditators
  • In-depth Buddhist study programmes
  • Childrens' meditation classes

Use the search facility below and visit your local centre to find out more.

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