The Yoga of 1000-armed Avalokiteshvara - CD

The Yoga of Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara - AUDIO CD

The Yoga of Buddha Heruka - CD

The Yoga of Buddha Heruka - AUDIO CD

The Yoga of Buddha Amitayus - AUDIO CD

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An audio recording of prayers and guided meditation focusing on Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life, Wisdom and Merit.
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An audio recording of The Yoga of Buddha Amitayus, which includes prayers and guided meditation that focus on Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life, Wisdom and Merit. Through engaging sincerely in this practice we can temporarily increase our lifespan and ultimately attain the deathless state of a Buddha. We can also overcome our ignorance – the source of all our delusions and suffering – and increase our good fortune, or merit. This recording includes periods of silence as recommended for meditation. The greatest obstacles to the fulfilment of our wish to experience pure happiness are death and ignorance. Death destroys our opportunity to take the essence of our precious human life, and ignorance destroys our opportunity to develop a pure experience of Dharma. To overcome these obstacles, we need to increase our lifespan and our wisdom, and the principal method for doing this is the yoga of Buddha Amitayus, which is also a special method for increasing the positive power of our mind, or merit.
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1 CD, total duration 71 mins

This recording includes the following prayers:

The Yoga of Buddha Amitayus