Khedrubje’s five visions of Je Tsongkhapa

An inspiring image of Khedrubje’s five visions of Je Tsongkhapa.
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After Je Tsongkhapa passed away Khedrubje would often make requests to him for guidance and inspiration. On five different occasions Je Tsongkhapa appeared directly to Khedrubje – as a monk on a white elephant, as a vibrant sixteen-year-old youth on a throne supported by youthful gods and goddesses, as Bodhisattva Manjushri on a snow lion, as a Yogi on a tiger and as a monk blazing with light floating on clouds.

Je Tsongkhapa would answer all Khedrubje’s questions and give him strong encouragement to continue his work of spreading Kadam Dharma through his teachings. On each occasion, Khedrubje was able to talk for a long time with Je Tsongkhapa, who gave him many special instructions and empowerments before the vision finally absorbed.

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