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These are the sadhanas that will be used during the Fall Festival.

These are the books that Gen la Dekyong will be teaching from during the Fall Festival.

The Path to Heaven

Green Tara Empowerment and Teachings on Tara Powa


Accumulate merit though the practise of making offerings in front of our shrine and statues.

Statues and images of Buddha.

Malas are essential for reciting mantras and can also be used to create and offer a pure universe to offer a pure universe to holy beings.


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Can I get pre-festival delivery?

We cannot guarantee pre-Festival delivery to all regions due of the ongoing covid situation, but we will do our very best to get things to you as quickly as we can.

To receive delivery of physical items before the Festival begins, we recommend placing your order with Tharpa AU by end of 13th October. However if you would like express shipping please contact us directly on info.au@tharpa.com and we can organise this.

Delivery schedules for other Tharpas (non-UK) may vary.



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