Songs of the Vajra Father - Audio

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An audio recording of the extensive self-generation meditation practice of the body mandala of Heruka, the Buddha of compassion in Highest Yoga Tantra.

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Songs of the Vajra Father - CD US$ 19,95
Songs of the Vajra Father - MP3 US$ 12,99
Essence of Vajrayana - Booklet US$ 9,00
Condensed Essence of Vajrayana - Booklet US$ 6,25

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A complete audio recording of Essence of Vajrayana, the extensive Heruka body mandala self-generation practice. Heruka is an enlightened Deity of Highest Yoga Tantra who is the manifestation of the compassion of all Buddhas. By meditating on Heruka body mandala we receive powerful blessings from Buddha Heruka that free us from all obstacles to spiritual practice, and enable us to experience profound spiritual realizations and attain enlightenment quickly. The CD indicates how to engage in the practice of Condensed Essence of Vajrayana. Short pauses have been included in the prayers which indicate where, if you wish, you can pause the CD for meditation or mantra recitation.

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Información adicional

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